The Power of Unity

Most great movements in history started with a passion to see change. It started with a group of people that believed their actions could transform entire cities, societies and even the world. Many times we read about these great acts of heroism and we idolize the individuals who are credited to those movements as icons. We tend to think that they single handedly changed the world on their own. We should be inspired by their accomplishments and we all need mentors to motivate us into action and give us something to aspire to. However, once you start pursuing the path of justice and begin the process of alleviating oppression and facilitating change you soon realize something. It is something that can be overlooked and because of our cultures ever growing desire to be iconic pop stars within the spotlight, we forget what has to take place in order for true change to occur. Unity.


One of the hardest things to do is to get people to work together. You wouldn’t think ​​that would be very difficult but it is. We read about ​​people like Martin Luther King, Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, and Mandela and think they changed the world on their own. Don’t get me wrong, their lives are a great inspiration to us all and they have had a huge impact. But we never would have heard their names or their stories if they didn’t have thousands of people supporting them. If their ideals and visions were never heard on a large scale what would history say about them? Would their lives have been any less meaningful? Many times we associate the spotlight with significance. If we become popular enough then we really must have made an impact or been successful. I wonder how many people were behind the scenes supporting, inspiring, consoling, and encouraging Martin Luther King. He may have been the face of the movement but he certainly wasn’t the only one who had a dream. I bet there were tens of thousands who wanted to make that speech. Others who wanted to step up and start a movement of freedom and equality. God chose him and he led the movement. I guarantee he never would have had such an impact without the selfless and supportive acts of those around him.

That is what unity is all about. Being selfless and supportive no matter if we get recognized for it or if our names never get mentioned. The only way to change the world is through unity. In order to do so we have to care more about seeing others lifted up and less about getting credit for it. Only then can we truly know if we are in it to see lives transformed for the better or if we are in it for the glory.


When we unite together with humble hearts and the love of Christ within us we can do anything. Once relationships are forged and we realize we don’t have to do it all by ourselves we can truly make an impact that will change history. Many times we try to hold onto our little piece of pie so tightly we never let God do what He wants to do. God can’t fully move through us until we let go. That is why he requires us to work as one body. Only then we will see what great miracles God has in store. Without unity we are hindering a revolution of love that will transform the world. God is waiting on us. He is waiting for us to become like the first Church where people didn’t even consider their possessions their own. Their ministry wasn’t sustained by selfish ambition but rather radical love. There is something vitally important that comes to light within us when we are faced with a decision to give up everything for Christ. It is in that position where we have the opportunity to either hold on tightly to what we’ve worked for, or we can decide that it’s not about us.

I believe there is a shift happening and as we loosen our grip on our ambition and become the united body instead of a separated entity, God will release His power and love in a way we have never seen before. As we come together we will see the Church become a beacon of hope and a true light in the darkness. A place where people see selfless and unified acts of love and get a glimpse of who Jesus really is.

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