Sustainable Projects


Each region and community has different resources that can be used to create unique and sustainable projects to improve the economic environment within the community. These projects can help increase quality of life, generate income, build connections and improve quality of life in these areas. 

Fuel Alternatives


One example of fuel alternative are briquettes. Briquette presses can be easily constructed using local materials. The briquettes are made from paper, sawdust, dried vegetation and water. Two briquettes can cook one meal for an individual. This is a very cost efficient fuel alternative to coal and firewood which can become increasingly expensive in poverty stricken areas. It also creates much less smoke which helps prevent some inhalation issues for many children in the area.


The briquettes can also be sold in market to create income. Carpenters can construct and sell the briquette presses themselves. In any case expenses are lowered, opportunities are created for potential businesses and smoke inhalation health issues are lowered. 

Agricultural Projects


OneEarth provides training and partners with other organizations who specialize in agricultural projects. This program can help reduce expenses for families, provide them with healthy food and an opportunity to sell items at market or in their local community.


Container gardens are a great way to save space and provide healthy food for those who do not have the land for a traditional garden. 

Water Collection & Filtration


Having an efficient way of collecting safe drinking water can help reduce disease and provide entire communities with the basic human right of having clean water available. 


There are several different methods for water filtration that can be implemented in poverty stricken areas. These methods can be used to reduce the risk of disease and provide opportunities for locals to sell clean water and eliminate the cost of buying clean water.