The Philippines

We are currently raising funds for our programs in the Philippines. We work with Community Builders Ministries International and create livelihood and trade skill programs to create long term solutions to poverty in that area. 


Help us fight trafficking and provide job training to restore hope and purpose to those in need!

Anti-human Trafficking Awareness

Anti-Human Trafficking 


Our goal is to continue to head to some of the local islands near Lipa City and provide anti-human trafficking training. In May of 2015 we were able to minister to 3 different islands and provide this training. Many girls living in poverty can be tricked into slavery by getting job offers from traffickers. And in some cases, they may have no other choice but to choose a life of prostitution in order to survive. 

We educate the locals on the 'red flags' of trafficking and providing them with an alternative option such as the livelihood programs.

Computer Skill Training

Computer Skill Training &

Web Development

Computer skill and web development training is being offered to help train locals with the information needed to get a job. Such as an administrator, secretary, data entry personnel, web developer etc. 


We are looking for sponsors to help with the cost of books, uniforms, trainer and boarding fees. This programs allows us to training those who need a higher level of education in computer skills. 


After they achieve 10 hours of training in the program, we will help connect them to local businesses and make sure they find employment. They will then be able to provide for their families and break the cycle of poverty for their children. 

If you would like to sponsor a young adult for this program the cost is $125 USD.

Driver's Education

Driver's Training



Thanks to our partners Community Builders Ministries, we can offer a driver's education class. This program mainly targets the men in the poverty stricken villages that need a way to provide for their families. 

In The Philippines there are many job opportunities for locals who have a drivers license. Jeepneys, taxis, motorcycle taxis etc. Once they have have achieved the alotted number of training hours we will help them get their drivers licence. 

Again, we will also be looking to the local Church to help provide job placement and keep them connected to leaders who will provide support and mentorship. 


A great part about this program is that the multi-cab we purchased for the class will be used as a taxi itself. This can provide opportunity for some of the fathers to provide for their families as well as creating income to sustain the program itself!

If you would like sponsor a father for this program the cost is $150 USD. 

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