How it works

We help leaders to broaden their reach and deepen their impact within their communities!

Empowering Leaders


We like to use the word 'empower' which simply means to strengthen, encourage, guide, love, and lift up. We believe every individual is vital to the expansion of The Kingdom and nobody can save the world alone. We work with leaders within every area of influence to empower them with the tools they need to expand their reach and deepen their impact within their community.


Through collaboration and the building of unity, we all have access to so much more information and perspectives that we may not have previously had access to. 


Planning for Success


Developing a creative, effective and viable plan is vital. We help you develop your vision and objectives. These plans are customized to create tangible results that can create lasting change within your community. 


Each area is unique and has different needs. It is important to assess the needs of each community to provide the services that assess the root of the problems and each organization can compliment one another. It's not just one persons vision but rather a collaboration of many to bring about a God sized vision and see the impossible happen.

Holistic Approach


When we use the term holistic, we mean that it creates long term solutions to not just one issue but many. Getting to the root of issues and creating a viable plan that will not just put a band aid on something but rather create real change. 

Providing these services through partnerships will create a coalition of organizations that can provide holistic care for these communities. Meaning we work together to not just take care of the symptoms but focus on the core issue to solve the problem long term. 


OneEarth will provide the fundamental techniques and services needed to start the change. As partnerships are built, other resources and opportunities will create an even better environment for our communities to thrive.