Consulting, Training & Planning

Planning is essential in moving forward efficiently and successfully. It is the cornerstone of any successful unified movement. We offer consultation and different areas of training to come alongside champions within the community so we can build effective and sustainable strategies together. 

Kingdom Advancement Training

Whether you are trying to expand a group, church, ministry, business or team, there are common hurdles that every leader runs across that prevents these teams from working together. Kingdom Advancement Training helps leaders and groups overcome these hurdles and provides the tools necessary to broaden your reach and deepen your impact. Allowing your group to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, overcome issues and grow! We help provide the groundwork to launch your team forward with greater effectiveness, impact and functionality. You can break through the barriers that prevent leaders from collaborating and working together and create healthy and beneficial partnerships in your community. 

Consultation & Planning

OneEarth will consult with your leadership team and discuss how we can come alongside you to help broaden your reach and deepen your impact. We work with your team to further develop your vision and action plan and train your team with the tools necessary to bring greater efficiency, clarity, awareness, communication and growth to your ministry or business. We hit common road blocks head on and create an open and safe environment where people feel they are valued and listened to. 

After our initial collaboration meeting we assess and create a plan specific to your vision. We then go over this plan with your group and get feedback to make any changes necessary. OneEarth can provide continued support as you implement this process and help navigate any issues or questions as you work to broaden your reach and deepen your impact with your organization and community.