Our Story


For far too long we have seen problems such as disunity, poverty, poor education, inequality, offense, oppression, and pride create division within communities. We can't save the world alone. Each person plays a vital role in The Kingdom and has a unique perspective that needs to be nurtured and empowered.


We can continue to stay within our walls, denomonations, comfort zones and move forward with our own vision. Or we can collaborate, serve, honor and respect one another and expand our vision to build Spirit filled, prosperous and healthy communities that can thrive and work together to meet every single need.


Only when we humble ourselves and serve one another can we truly see entire regions transformed. Our love for God drives the extreme generosity and wisdom needed to shift communities and watch them thrive!


It takes planning, collaboration, and a holistic approach that provides sustainable solutions to solve the issue of disunity and to start seeing lasting improvement within our communities and throughout that world. This is the basis from which OneEarth was formed.

Our passion is driven by our love for Jesus and for seeing the chains of injustice broken for good.  To see each person walk into their purpose, function, identity and destiny. We have seen great needs in the world and how some programs can make a real difference while others simply provide a temporary solution. After spending time abroad in poverty stricken areas we decided to focus on building unity and partnerships to create a program that could provide sustainable solutions and create real change. Approaching these problems holistically is the only way to create a permanent solution. 

It's not that we have lacked the resources, innovation or knowledge to solve these problems. But we have lacked the patience and planning it takes to implement long term solutions. OneEarth works to unite leaders within all areas of cultural influence by collaborating and working together to deepen and broaden their impact. We want to turn people's visions and goals into reality causing cities to be entirely transformed.


We work to empower champions/leaders in these communities that have a passion to do something positive for their cities. It may be someone with a dream or vision, someone who already has an established ministry or someone who needs some help getting started. We provide the planning, consultation, and collaboration to create holistic and sustainable approaches that can provide long term solutions to community issues. 

We do not go into these communities thinking we know what is best and force projects or programs on them that they will never use. We go in to work together with champions in the community who are ready to take the steps necessary to alleviate the problems and create a customized plan based on their vision and the needs of the community. We help them create their own plan and work with those who are established in the area giving them the power to change the situation and break through any plateaus or negative cycles.